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Walking the Camino

Walking the Camino

Oct 6, 2011

The Movie The Way with Martin Sheen and his son Emilio Estevez is now at the theater. This just might inspire some of us to look into this pilgrimage/adventure of The Camino de Santiago. Check out their interview on The Today Show.  In 2009 145,877 people completed this pilgrimage; most on foot, some by bicycle and a few on horseback.  Back in the Middle Ages up to 500,000 people per year made the pilgrimage.  Find out more interesting facts on the site,  American Pilgrims on the Camino.  This could be a great trek as you step into this new season of empty nesting!  Any pilgrims out there who would like to share their experience or any who would like to begin planning?


  1. Eduardo /

    My wife Deb walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela this summer [May-JUne 2011] and I was very fortunate to experience with her 1/30th of it by joining her in the very last 20km stage from a Hostel in O’Pedrouzo [Galicia] to the steps of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral which is the final destination for all pilgrims in this ancient and amazing pilgrimage…

    Regardless to say those where the hardest 20 kilometers that I have done in my entire life, through muddy forrest trails, several uphills [than even pilgrim bikers had to get out their bikes to walk them to the top], cobble stone streets, wooden bridges and few steps… my hands, shoulders, arms and wheelchair took a bit of a beating that memorable hiking day that spanned from 7:45am to 4pm.

    That day certainly was one of my most rewarding experiences of my life… having joined my wife to see her complete such a big lifetime adventure, a personal challenge of her to celebrate her 50th b-day in a journey of self discovery and where she got to experience one of her favorite countries in such a unique way, practicing and polishing her already great Spanish and where she got to met “all great bunches of people™” from around the world…

    I highly recommend the movie “The Way” that actually opens exactly today [10-7-11] in movie theatres across the U.S. Deb and I are going to watch it together this evening! check out their FB page where I frequently contribute: –>

    And here are couple other FB groups and one great web site about the Camino de Santiago if anyone is interested:

    —> Walking [or rolling] the Camino = MUY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    Eduardo Aguirre “edú”
    Amigo of Linda & Bruce through UWP

  2. Big Richey H /

    I saw the movie ‘The Way” and thought it was great. Being an emptynester I am planning on doing the Road to Santiago. I am trying to find out a number of things regarding the trip. Most importantly….. I’m 54 so it will proabably be a little harder for me. O.K. a lot harder. Any idea’s from anyone who made the trip? I was thinking maybe the forum had some people also considering the trip that we can brainstorm with. I also need to know about what type of equipment is needed. Most gear can be bought for pennys on the dollar on e-bay and craigslist if you know what you need. Also what to pack and not. 700 kilometers is far without gear, much less carrying a load, so i want to travel light. So any thoughts or suggsestions from the readers can help greatly. Planning is half the battle, so I thought I would start now.

  3. Eduardo Aguirre /

    Richey, you will be surprised to find out how many people close to your age and older go do the Camino de Santiago! so is definitely doable! I posted few web sites related to this amazing adventure and I’m certain that you will find answers to all your questions in those resourceful websites about the Camino de santiago de Compostela, best wishes and the pilgrims say: “BUEN CAMINO!”

    • Big Richey H /


      Thanks, I bought and read a few books on the Camino already. Right now I’m reading the Pilgrims Guide to the Cmaino De Santiago by John Brierley. That is very informative.Planning is half the journey and fun. I also started to buy some gear. It’s much cheaper if you have time. Now all I have to do is lose 50 pounds and book the trip. Thnaks for the websites and keep me posted on your travels. I’m off to Hawaii for 2 months. Emptynesting is getting much better.


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