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ENA Launch Party

ENA Launch Party

Oct 1, 2011

Official Launch Party Took Place!   Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thanks to everyone (in person and virtually) for sharing this exciting launch of Empty Nester Adventures with us.  Family, friends and neighbors celebrated with us at our home as we enjoyed desserts together and shared great insights for future topics!  We so appreciated everyone’s support in joining us.   Our middle son Matthew was there for the festivities as he lives in the Denver area.  Our other boys live away.  We are so grateful to our three sons for their incredible encouragement and support as we have stepped into this empty nester adventure.  Hopefully we won’t embarrass you too much.





  1. Kevin and Lisa Gouran /

    We’re coming. The site looks wonderful.

  2. Jayne Scales /

    We had boomerang kids last year…and now they are off again! We have had AFS Exchange students other years, too…but none this year…I think your site will be of great use to us.

  3. Breton Shepherd /

    Congratulations on the launch of Empty Nester Adventures! Although I’m still quite a ways off from being an empty nester myself, all this recent Empty Nester hype has really gotten me pumped to be an empty nester one day. Congrats!

  4. Caitlin Stroup /

    I am so excited that I could be here for this special occasion. I know that my mom is going to love this site.

  5. Tim Lane /

    What a great idea. This will be perfect for us.

  6. Charlotte Lane /

    So excited to see and read about great things for empty nesters. Thanks for letting us be a part of this new launch.

  7. Mary Power /

    Can’t wait for the shanagans to begin! Or have they already??

  8. Kelli Turner /

    Not quite empty nesters yet, but still excited for you and the launch of a long awaited idea! Congratulations! :)

  9. hadley turner /

    you are so nice mrs.linda! cant wait for halloween! :)

  10. Cindi Manley /

    Congratulations – what a great idea! I know it will be successful!

  11. Megan Manley /

    Congratulations on your launch!! Even though I’m not quite old enough to be a true “empty-nester” I’d like to think I still count, since I hold down the Manley Family fort here in Colorado by myself!

  12. Looking forward to sharing the fun!

  13. Kevin Gouran /

    The launch party was a huge success, as well as your website. Lisa and I will be visiting frequently. Great idea, Great concept and Great insight. Thanks for having us be a part of this adventure.

  14. Now I can’t wait to grow up.

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