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In a State of Retirement

In a State of Retirement

Oct 20, 2011

Are you living in one of the top 10 best retirement states?  Maybe you are in one of the worst?  There are some varying opinions on this topic.  I found three consistent states always listed in the top 10 worst.  Can you guess what they are?

What I learned from these list is that we each have our own personal goals and dreams for retirement.  Many of us just want to be close to family.  These list can be a tool to help you narrow down your choices.  Check out the list and think about or dream about where you would like to retire.  Let us know what’s important to you.  By the way, see how you did.  The three consistent worst states are California, New Jersey and Nevada.

The March 2011 report of the Daily Finance, an aol money and finance site gave the 2011 Best & Worst States for Retirement released the Best States for Retirement 2011

CNN Money gives us a list and great description of reasons why their 25 Best Places to Retire are keepers.  Plus, it’s stated that their cost of living in these areas are pretty darn sweet!



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