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Battle of the Bedrooms - Empty Nester Adventures | Empty Nester Adventures

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Battle of the Bedrooms

Battle of the Bedrooms

Sep 25, 2011

My husband and I recently had a fierce “battle of the bedrooms”.  He held strong to his battle strategy.  ”Whoohoo”, he shouted,  ”the kids are out of the house and it’s time to change up the bedrooms in a big way.  We can now have guest rooms that look like adult rooms and I can have a study.”  Well, I too held strong to my battle strategy.  ”It’s too early to remodel and change the boy’s bedrooms”, I said rather emotionally,  ”I still like passing them and seeing some of the decor they put up.  We can still use their boyhood furniture and decor as a guest room.  You need to understand that I’m still transitioning to having them out of the house.  Give me a little time.”

Then my husband began a whole new set of tactical maneuvers.  He began to tell friends and family that I had set up three dioramas in our home, one for each boy, and they were open for touring.  Our son’s rooms were now on the level of “museum status”.  After this I thought I might come home one day and see that he had put up red stanchions at the doors of each of their bedrooms.

One part of me thought “that would be O.K.” but I soon dove deep into the trenches to come up with my own counterstrategy. My big idea was a truce.  We both agreed to meet halfway.  We would keep pictures of the boys in each of their rooms and change up the decor to more of a guest room status.  So far, the truce is working out pretty well.  The interesting outcome was a few unexpected comments (actually as a mom I expected them) from the boys.

Have you had this same “battle of the bedrooms”?  Let us know your story and how you handled those bedrooms in your nest now that they are empty.

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