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According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there are 78 million Boomers in the U.S. today, the largest demographic segment of the population.  This group will spend an estimated $2 trillion annually. A sizable portion of Boomers are those new to the Empty Nest lifestyle, a time of great change and new opportunities.

According to a recent report by JTW Boom, found that while a portion of Empty Nesters are sad that their children have left home, the majority cite a better quality of life with the freedommore time to take care of themselves, theopportunity for closer relationships with their spouse, and the time and money to enjoy doing new things they never would have done before, as the benefits of Empty Nesting.

The report continues “Empty Nesters have new needs, desires and activities as they rediscover themselves and their partners – presenting a great opportunity for marketers to show how their products and services into the new life stage.”

EmptyNesterAdventures.com has been created to provide an online resource and establish virtual communitythat taps into the needs, desires, interests, and activities of those finding themselves in this new season of life.

The Market:

  • Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964
  • There are 78 million of us representing a quarter of the US population
  • The fastest growing segment of the population over the next five years will be the 60-64-year-old cohort, considered the leading edge of the Boomers
  • According to American Demographics, every minute from now until 2014, seven Baby Boomers will turn 50
  • In the last decade, there has been a 28% growth in households without children now totaling 46 million
  • 72% of all US homes are projected to be childless in 2010
  • According to Google, Boomers account for the most time spent online of any group, with 56 million people spending 91 billion minutes online.

Their Influence & Power:

  • Boomers have $3 trillion in disposable income
  • They represent 50% of all discretionary spending power
  • They control more than 80% of all personal financial assets
  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking Boomers and Empty Nesters are retired…The highest medium US household income is working boomers ($77,634)
  • They buy…
  • 80% of all leisure travel
  • 77% of all prescription meds
  • 61% of all OTC drugs

Unlike their parents, Baby Boomers are ready to reclaim their independence. A national Boomer survey by Del Webb, the nation’s leading builder of active adult communities, found 58 percent said they are emotionally prepared for their children to leave home. Most expect their disposable income to increase by about $10,000 annually after the kids leave, expect their relationship with their spouse or significant other to improve and look forward to getting back to what they were accused of being–the “me” generation.

What Are Empty Nesters Seeking?

We are spending $2 trillion annually and now that the kids are gone have the time and money to get the things we want. A partial list includes:

  • Adult living communities
  • Appliances including kitchen and home entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Cosmetic surgery & dentistry
  • Education including second career training and personal enrichment
  • Financial advisers and securities for retirement income
  • Fitness & wellness
  • Healthcare
  • Home improvement, decorating & remodeling
  • Insurance (Home, Auto, Life)
  • Packaged goods
  • Pharmacies
  • Prescription and OTC meds
  • Technology
  • Travel from RV-ing and cruises to ecotourism and international travel
  • Restaurants
  • Retail merchants
  • Vacation homes sales & rental

For More Information:

To learn more about advertising and partnership opportunities with EmptyNesterAdventures, contact Bruce Erley at bruce@emptynestmail.com