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Genesis of the Idea - Empty Nester Adventures | Empty Nester Adventures

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Genesis of the Idea

Genesis of the Idea

Three years ago, Linda and Bruce Erley’s third and final son moved out of their home into his college dorm.  Returning to their now empty and considerably quieter home, they soon discovered they had unwittingly entered a new season of life…empty nesting.  For more than two years, they found themselves drifting through their home life, unsure of who they were individually and as a couple, what their goals were and what they should do with their new found time and resources.

In their mid 50’s, they decided that they needed to embrace this new season of life and explore what it had to offer.  They began to take weekend “one-bag” trips (together and alone), looked into classes from ballroom dancing to CPR, converted the kids rooms from “museum status” into friendly and inviting places the boys or other out-of-town guests could enjoy.

During this time of exploration, they encountered many neighbors, friends as well as complete strangers who found themselves in the same place in life.  They all began to share some of their experiences which Linda dubbed as “empty nester adventures.” Bruce, who owns a marketing agency and is an entrepreneur at heart, saw a gem of a potential business idea in the term and quickly registered the domain EmptyNesterAdventures.com.

Intuitively, Bruce and Linda believed that there were many parents (both single and couples) who were entering this new season of empty nesting just as clueless as they began their parenting phase of life 20+ years earlier.

They researched the topic extensively online and principally found information on the emotional upheaval of the empty nester, but very little information or opportunities related to the empty nester’s “lifestyle”.

Bruce & Linda are confident there is a potential demand for an online community of people experiencing the same season of life.  Pattered after other similar sites that connect lifestyle groups such as Gannet’s momslikeme.com, Bruce utilized his entrepreneurial skills and Linda’s background as a women’s group leader, civic volunteer and corporate concierge, to design a community that explores and celebrates the life of the empty nester.

We hope you enjoy EmptyNesterAdventures, contribute your thoughts and experiences and invite your friends to join in on the conversation.  After all it is…Your Life. Rediscovered.



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